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My name is Vivi Qin. I am a professional designer/animator aim to make the world around us just a little bit prettier. Influenced by my father, who is an oil painter, I have been producing visual arts since childhood. With a solid background in 2D art forms, I challenged myself to take on 3D animation as my B.A. and MFA major, during which time, I have co-created animated shorts and participated in the design and modeling of several great video games.

I started Qism Studio to help make my talent more accessable people in need. Whether you need illustrations for your publications, or need 3D modeling for your product, no task is too small for me.

I am also interested in participating in larger animation projects. Please contact me if you would like to further collaborate.

Thank you for visiting!

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Growing up, I am always more comfortable in communicating ideas through visual than another other forms. Storytelling through illustrations has a very special place in my heart and I have always enjoyed doing it. Professionally, I have been publishing comic-strips and also have illustrated and published children's picture books in collaboration with my clients.

Picture Books

Dr. V's Story

A touching story of young black girls dream of becoming a Dr. and helping others. The book is still being illustrated. Please look for it on Amazon soon!

The Adventures Max & MR. Bow Wow

As a continuation of my collaboration with Skewed Perceptions Studio, I have taken on the illustration of this new book. It was a fun project. ISBN-10: 1519125623 published in 2015.

The Lightner's Strike: Bill & The Sphere

A collaboration with Skewed Perceptions Studio to help with the refining and coloring of the illustrations. Being my first real publishing experience, this has taught me a great deal on how a collaborative project works. I am very glad to be a member of a productive team. ASIN: B00J0X3LDG published in 2013.


Being a comic artist is a dream of every teenager growing up. I am lucky to pocess the skills to make it a reality. I was an active member of the Chinese comic online community and gained a decent following on Sina's blog platform. My comic art has been featured twice on the home page of the site.

To this day, comic drawing has become my everyday passtime. If you have ideas or would like to collaborate on this, please reach out to me.


Animation Projects

I have majored in animation for both BA and MFA degrees. Although I do many visual forms, I consider animation my main profession.

2D animation

Vertible Red

Vertible Red is a short animated 2D film that I have co-created with Evan Curtis and Jessi Esparza during my years at SCAD. It is a short short that tells a heroic story of Edward Pulaski saving 40 men in War Eagle Mine during the great Idaho fire of 1910. One forester named Stahl described the fire as "truly a veritable red demon from hell." After the incident, Pulaski invented a more effective firefighting tool called the Pulaski Axe, still used today by Trail Crews and the US Forest Service.

Jaguar McGuire

Jaguar McGuire is an experimental animation project done by collaboration from the 2D and the 3D animation department students. As an undergraduate animation major, I was proud to be the lead 2D artist of the film.

Here is a short glimpse of what the process of the production looks like. It wasn't as fancy as many of the more polished films given the time limits, however, it trained me well in a real production environment and prepared me for my later 3D animation endeavors.

3D animation

Now here is my real passion, the thing that I have always dreamt of doing when I was a kid.

La Farce (independent film project)

This is something that I have been working on for years. It is an allegorical story that I came up with that reflect up Jean-Paul Sartre's famous quote: Hell is other people, and everyone's struggle to find one's own place in a social space. The film finished but not yet released.

Product Modeling

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Game environment and character design

I was very lucky to be selected to join the Hi-Rez and CCP’s internship programs. During these two programs, I worked closely with industry-leading artists in both companies and worked on game Tribes Universe , World of Darkness and Dust 514. As a concept artist, I was involved in many different aspects of the project cycle, from the brainstorming of concepts, to the materialization of the ideas in models and demos.


CCP Games is one of the world leading game companies, with hit tiles like EVE Online. The work experience for me is like a kid in a candy shop: not only for my inner gamer, but more for the satisfaction that I finally get to use my skills in a production envonriment and see my models and designs come to life. I have worked both on the environment design and modeling, and also designed cool props for the characters.

Hi-Rez Studios is an independent, privately held video game developer based in Alpharetta, Georgia, not far from SCAD Atlanta, where I went to school. This is my first experience into the gaming industry.

Work Samples

World of Darkness (CCP Games)

environment concept design

procedural building system built street fly through

Eve Online (CCP Games)

props designs (project EVE online: DUST514 )

Tribes Universe (Hi-Rez Studios)

Female lead character design

Male lead character design

Undislosed Mobile Game Project

Lead character design

Marketing Concept